The origin of the name Barovoot is an interesting one. Barovoot is derived from two words. “Baro” and “Voot”. Baro is from the Bengali word baro which translates to “Many”, In this context, “Voot” (ghost) represents “being obsessed with something” from the Bengali phrase “Mathay voot chapa”. A very passionate group of friends who are skilled in various formats of artistic and media expression started a media agency company. Thus, the name Barovoot was selected to finely represent the artistic and idealistic morals of the founding members and thus a new company was formed.

W We Work!

We make digital media communication. We believe that the use of technology should be simple and easy. To achieve this, our workflow is:

Mission, Vision & Values Statement

Barovoot's objective is to create a memorable Brand Communication. Our goal is to meet and surpass the expectations of our clients.


Our mission is to create memorable, long lasting and engaging communication for our brands and social campaigns or any work that we undertake.


To be the most creative and professional agency, perceived as invaluable to client's business success.


  • Maintaining Professionalism
  • Quality over quantity
  • Being honest with our capability
  • Commitment to time
  • Owning the client brief


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